On a recent trip to Normandy I visited the home of one of my favorite artists: Claude Monet. My fascination with his work began in high school when I took several art courses, and only flourished as I familiarized myself with more of his work and techniques for creating masterpieces. Later that week I decided that a trip to the Musée de l’Orangerie would be necessary after my newly gained knowledge of Monet and his work that is housed in this museum. I was excited to put a face to the duplicate paintings I saw in the actual home of the artist, and somehow brought the memory of his life’s work into reality. 

Monet was an artist who relied heavily on natural light, and his garden was a place where the light of day shined brightly for him. I was amazed to see just how similar the paintings looked to the actual garden and the use of light that reflected the scenery. On the tour I learned that on many rainy days, Monet would paint off his memory of a previous day. 



Unfortunately, the water lilies were not in full bloom but the visit to the museum showed me that some paintings showed this exact stage growth in some paintings. The experience of visiting a place where memory and preservation of someone’s life and work came into full circle after visiting the museum because I was able to use my own memory of his home and information I learned throughout my museum visit. It was a truly incredible experience and I highly recommend it!



-Rebecca Kermani